Friday, 21 November 2008

Where Did Ya Get That Hat?

Your hat, my head, now.
Finally got round to going to Little Lamplight and found an intact garden gnome on a pool table. Hell, yes, that's so taking pride of place in my Megaton Love Shack. I'm going to ignore the rest of the quest for now, and take the little fella home, display it with the 16 intact minituare garden gnomes I found the other day, and have Dogmeat guard it. Bollocks to the future of the Capital Wasteland, the gnome is much more important.

Another thing-wot-I-want but is Knick Knack's hat. Unfortunately, it seems unavailable for hat collecting; I can't kill him and nick it, what with him being an annoying child, am unable to pick-pocket it from him while he sleeps and he certainly won't trade it for really cool stuff. It's a damn shame, his police cap (and Zip's stunning mole-mining hat) would look great in my hat collection.