Thursday, 20 January 2011

Haven't Failed Yet

Still off the ciggies. God, this is brilliant, I can spend my money on shit I don't need instead of spending my money on shit I'm addicted to.

Anyway, I've purchased nail stuff. Exciting, eh? I've bought my first ever top and base coat, and various cheap and cheerful colours from the MUA range at Superdrug as it only costs £1 a bottle. No expense spared here. Also got these shiny nail tattoos, cos I like skulls and they were a steal at £1.99.

These nail tattoos look really good on and they're pretty easy to use, just peel off, stick on in desired place, whack some top coat on top and Bob's yer uncle.

I'm wearing this skull over just one coat of the £1 MUA Shade 2 polish, it's rather good stuff. The eyes of the skull were filled with Eyeko's Vampira, a gorgeous black and red glittery polish. Unfortunately, my dodgy phone camera hasn't captured the red, glittery eyes and my hands look all wrinkly :(

Should probably stop spending on nail things and get myself a half-decent camera.