Monday, 28 February 2011

How Many Boots Can A Stompy Boot Boot Whilst Stomping?

Whilst having a bit of a clear-out for an upcoming ebay sellfeste, I needed to get some perspective on the stupid amount of pairs of black boots that I currently own. I rummaged through cupboards, under the bed and in dark corners to bring my collection together on the stairs, like some sort of leathery PVC party. Then I took a really awful picture of them for some sort of willy-waving thing, yeah, it was a dull night.

I currently have 21 pairs of black boots, ranging from flat buckle boots that came from Carnaby Street in 1986 to festival wellies that act as a groovy festival rain prevention device, and some nice stompy New Rocks that I wore for work with a nice Karen Millen suit. Fuck yeah. I'm not sure why I have four pairs of cowboy boots as they all look exactly the same, except for some minor variations on the heel. I could have got some RAM with that money, FFS.

TBH, I don't know where half of them even came from. I've probably not even worn some of them and should considering flogging a few pairs but I can't and I don't know why.

There's also a bit of a gap in the collection; I've not got any really tall boots and my Doc Martens have completely vanished. I know one pair disintergrated, I used to wear them when I was a poor student and they were falling apart so I had to take it into the 3D room and glue gun them together every morning :(

One pair starting falling apart as I put them away, leaving horrible, sooty deposits on the cream carpet (cheap, old man-made suede things) so now I only have 20 pairs of black boots. It's progress, sort of.

*Why, yes, I am a bit bored, how can you tell?