Monday, 7 March 2011

Posh Polish Plugs

Was a bit bored so coloured in some colourfront glass plugs wot I had.

The plugs started life as these very boring blue colorfronts. They weren't as blue IRL, more of a nice pastelly baby blue, which just ain't my thang, dawg. I put some Orly Lunar Eclipse nail polish on the back of them to darken the blue and to get some nice purple duochrome going, then I chucked a couple of coats of Nfu.Oh 52 nail varnish on the fronts for some blue and green flakie goodness. Lashings of top coat went on top and they were left to dry for a few days.

Not sure why the top one has gone wrinkly, think it's a smudge or something but I had such a bastard of a time getting a half-decent photo of these that I've left it.