Sunday, 27 July 2014

I Could Marry This Smoking Juice

I've been craving a good, chocolate e-juice to puff away on for a while, but my search had been fruitless (or chocolateless, in this case). I found a fair few 'chocolate' flavours about, most of which tasted like some sort of delicate choco-flowery thing with a hint of perfume, not the OMG CHOCOLATE taste that was needed. Once had one that smelt absolutely gorgeous, but when I tried it, it tasted of an early 1990's Avon fragrance, even after a year of airing, mixing and stewing. It wasn't impressive, and I had given up on ever having a good chocolate puff, when I came across Halo Belgian Cocoa.

I'm glad that it came into my life, as it's fucking gorgeous. It's very chocolatey, and is reminiscent of the chocolate puddings that you used to get in Gateway (old supermarket that turned into Somerfield). Only thing about the flavour is it's so strong that anything else you put in afterwards will taste of chocolate, but this is easily sorted by giving it it's own tank :) It deserves it, it's yummy. It also mixes nicely with various other flavours (have been enjoying the Belgian Cocoa with banana lately, raspberry is nice too). 

Halo Belgian Cocoa is a wee bit on the expensive side compared to others, but it's well worth it if you need a good chocolate, plus it saves me money as it has replaced my Galaxy bar habit. It's available from various internet shops but if you're in the UK then may I recommend Vapetime? Very good, quick service, which is always nice when there's chocolate involved \o/