Monday, 28 July 2014

I Like The Noise It Makes

I'm an occasional bass player, but was unable to play properly for a quite a while :( My bass amp was well rumbly and I didn't want to annoy the neighbours with it as they're nice (old neighbours were arsehats), so I had to resort to quiet strumming whilst watching the telly. It was pointless trying to play along to music as I could barely hear me bass, just a gentle twang, it was an awful state of affairs that needed sorting quick sharpish.

Then, one day in the not-so-distant past, I found the Vox amPlug Bass Guitar Headphone Amp and swiftly purchased it. And I'm glad I did, it's awesome! Just plug the little amp into the bass (some need a cable, more on that in a bit), then plug some headphones into the little amp, turn it on and play \m/ And, yay, thanks to the wonders of adjustable volume and gain I could actually hear my bass LOUD. This was very pleasing. Even more pleasing was that I could plug my mp3 player into the aux socket, pop some music on and play along at a complimentary volume while the husband watched Eastenders.

Only moans I have about it are that there can be a bit of a hiss when the batteries start to run low, and, as mentioned earlier, you may need a cable to plug it in. It plugs in fine on my old P-Bass (pictured right, left), but I have to use a male-to-female adapter cable for my SR300 bass (pictured right, right), which is a bit of a pain if your cables quickly tangle themselves into a frenzy of their own accord.

My lovely little headphone bass amp came from Gear4Music and has made my life that little more complete and my fingers that little more sore. I am a happy bunny.