Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Insectoid Spirals Aren't Made Of Awesome Insects

I've had these horn (not insect) Insectoid spirals from Arka for quite a while -- they were originally a present when I had 6mm lobes, and I loved my Insectoids dearly. Then I went up various sizes and found that they wouldn't fit well in earskins/eyelets/whathaveyou and I kept losing the lovely little buggers. This was a very sad thing (not for Arka, though, I always bought replacements from them), and they were regrettably retired into a pretty box, hoping that one day something suitable would turn up.

Patience proved to be a virtue, as Insectoid salvation arrived in the form of some iron wood eyelets from Wildcat. They're 16mm (my current size) but the aperture is just big enough for the Insectoids to fit pretty comfortably. They did initially pop out if I shook my head or something, but this was easily sorted by putting a 6mm o-ring on smooth part of the spiral. Now they're nice and secure, I can go out without worrying about them falling out and disappearing down the front of my top, and I'm just generally chuffed I can wear them again.