Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lippie Test: Collection 2000 Ruby Red

My Collection 2000 Ruby Red lipstick has been sitting in the make-up box for ages, unloved and unworn (this is the lovely matte MAC Ruby Woo's fault, I wear it most of the time). However, today I didn't fancy matte, I wanted shiny and luscious and the Ruby Red seemed to fit the bill well.

Started off with a base of MAC Prep and Prime (you can get this from MAC, I got mine from Debenhams) and lined with some cheap and cheerful Collection 2000 lipliner in Brick Red. Applied the Ruby Red with a brush and found it went on smoothly and easily. It felt a bit smeary and smudgy, but looked good and I felt pretty confident that the Prep and Prime would grip it. It did, and remarkably well, last time I wore this lipstick I wore no base with it and it went everywhere after a cup of coffee -- teeth, bit on the upper lid, etc. I had to wipe it all off in the end (which wasn't a real effort, came off easy) and that's when it got relegated to the make-up box to gather dust.

Back to the testing! The top of the right picture shows Ruby Red just after application at 11AM.

Second picture is after a large cappuccino for lunch at one o'clock, there was a bit of lippie-to-cup transfer but the Prep and Prime kept most of it on and I didn't need to reapply \o/

Third picture is after four hours of getting annoyed with people and constantly puffing away on my e-cig. Again, there wasn't much lippie-to-ecig transfer and it all looked decent enough, but it was pushing its luck. Bits were starting to fade in the corners and the colour wasn't as bold -- it definitely wouldn't survive the bag of crisps I'd just got. This is where I felt it needed reapplying and is where our test ends.

Have to say that I'm impressed with the Prep and Prime with the cheap and cheerful Ruby Red, the lippie lasted six-odd hours throughout the various stresses of the day and the primer proved itself to be well worth the £13. Get some, innnit.