Monday, 25 August 2014

Got stressed, made stuff, opened an Etsy shop

Not been coping with the stress of bastards very well recently :( I usually make plugs to chill out a bit but they weren't doing it for me for a bit as I was overworked and burning the candle at both ends. It's quietened down now and the job from hell has finished now, so it's all good again. Touch wood.

Anyway, I used to make clay things, rocks and Garden Jedis (pictured below, right) to destress before I made plugs, but the weather was too rubbish to make the Garden Jedis :( Polymer clay doesn't care about weather, so that came out and I made some swirly ear hangies. Made quite a lot of them, in fact, kept quite a lot of those, and am selling the rest on Etsy.

The Big Stompy Bootique Etsy Shop can be found here -- have a look through if you have stretched ears and fancy some swirly ear hangies to wear in through your eyelets :) I'll also be putting some other things on there at some point, like other jewellery and Garden Jedis, maybe some vintage 80s clothing, once I've got rid of the urge to make swirly things while watching the telly.