Saturday, 15 November 2008

Cigarettes Everywhere

Fallout 3 makes me want a fag which isn't helpful when giving up tobacco. After accidentally coming upon a camp filled with what seemed like a thousand Super Mutant Brutes, I shot everything in there (as you do) and proceeded to rifle through their boxes and corpses (limbs, some of them a bit jumbled up making it somewhat troublesome to get their items), and found, amongst other things, loads of cartons and packets of cigarettes.

Oh God.

I also found a ciggie in an ashtray, still smouldering away in a most appealling manner. Mmmmmmm, I could almost taste it and went a bit funny, and if there's ever a time that you need a cigarette, it's when you feel a bit funny after clearing out a camp filled with what seems like a thousand Super Mutant Brutes.