Thursday, 31 July 2014

NOTD: OPI Suede Russian Navy with OPI Last Friday Night

One of the problems with my jobs is I either can't wear nail polish, or I can but it gets trashed within five minutes due to the nature of the work :( Why I picked OPI Suede Russian Navy is beyond me, because it has started to chip like crazy. Put it on, have a sip of tea, chip yer polish. Great.

Fixed the chipping problem slightly by putting some OPI Last Friday Night glittery polish over the top -- lovely one is this one, blue and orange glitters with a blue shimmer. Looked good over Russian Navy but ultimately wasn't enough to stop the chipping, as I lost some bits making a cup of coffee. So I later fixed it up and chucked some cheap and cheerful UV topcoat over the top which normally sorts these sort of problems out. However, it was an excercise in failure, as a bit has cheerfully chipped off whilst typing this post.


I don't remember Russian Navy being this bad for chipping but it has been some time since I last wore it and the formula may have gone a bit funny. Damn shame if it has, it's a lovely polish.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Insectoid Spirals Aren't Made Of Awesome Insects

I've had these horn (not insect) Insectoid spirals from Arka for quite a while -- they were originally a present when I had 6mm lobes, and I loved my Insectoids dearly. Then I went up various sizes and found that they wouldn't fit well in earskins/eyelets/whathaveyou and I kept losing the lovely little buggers. This was a very sad thing (not for Arka, though, I always bought replacements from them), and they were regrettably retired into a pretty box, hoping that one day something suitable would turn up.

Patience proved to be a virtue, as Insectoid salvation arrived in the form of some iron wood eyelets from Wildcat. They're 16mm (my current size) but the aperture is just big enough for the Insectoids to fit pretty comfortably. They did initially pop out if I shook my head or something, but this was easily sorted by putting a 6mm o-ring on smooth part of the spiral. Now they're nice and secure, I can go out without worrying about them falling out and disappearing down the front of my top, and I'm just generally chuffed I can wear them again.

Monday, 28 July 2014

I Like The Noise It Makes

I'm an occasional bass player, but was unable to play properly for a quite a while :( My bass amp was well rumbly and I didn't want to annoy the neighbours with it as they're nice (old neighbours were arsehats), so I had to resort to quiet strumming whilst watching the telly. It was pointless trying to play along to music as I could barely hear me bass, just a gentle twang, it was an awful state of affairs that needed sorting quick sharpish.

Then, one day in the not-so-distant past, I found the Vox amPlug Bass Guitar Headphone Amp and swiftly purchased it. And I'm glad I did, it's awesome! Just plug the little amp into the bass (some need a cable, more on that in a bit), then plug some headphones into the little amp, turn it on and play \m/ And, yay, thanks to the wonders of adjustable volume and gain I could actually hear my bass LOUD. This was very pleasing. Even more pleasing was that I could plug my mp3 player into the aux socket, pop some music on and play along at a complimentary volume while the husband watched Eastenders.

Only moans I have about it are that there can be a bit of a hiss when the batteries start to run low, and, as mentioned earlier, you may need a cable to plug it in. It plugs in fine on my old P-Bass (pictured right, left), but I have to use a male-to-female adapter cable for my SR300 bass (pictured right, right), which is a bit of a pain if your cables quickly tangle themselves into a frenzy of their own accord.

My lovely little headphone bass amp came from Gear4Music and has made my life that little more complete and my fingers that little more sore. I am a happy bunny.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

I Could Marry This Smoking Juice

I've been craving a good, chocolate e-juice to puff away on for a while, but my search had been fruitless (or chocolateless, in this case). I found a fair few 'chocolate' flavours about, most of which tasted like some sort of delicate choco-flowery thing with a hint of perfume, not the OMG CHOCOLATE taste that was needed. Once had one that smelt absolutely gorgeous, but when I tried it, it tasted of an early 1990's Avon fragrance, even after a year of airing, mixing and stewing. It wasn't impressive, and I had given up on ever having a good chocolate puff, when I came across Halo Belgian Cocoa.

I'm glad that it came into my life, as it's fucking gorgeous. It's very chocolatey, and is reminiscent of the chocolate puddings that you used to get in Gateway (old supermarket that turned into Somerfield). Only thing about the flavour is it's so strong that anything else you put in afterwards will taste of chocolate, but this is easily sorted by giving it it's own tank :) It deserves it, it's yummy. It also mixes nicely with various other flavours (have been enjoying the Belgian Cocoa with banana lately, raspberry is nice too). 

Halo Belgian Cocoa is a wee bit on the expensive side compared to others, but it's well worth it if you need a good chocolate, plus it saves me money as it has replaced my Galaxy bar habit. It's available from various internet shops but if you're in the UK then may I recommend Vapetime? Very good, quick service, which is always nice when there's chocolate involved \o/

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Need Another Ear Stabbing

Going to bring this blog back to life by moaning about how I definitely need another ear stabbing in me right ear (pictured on the left, cos that's how I roll. 'Scuse the hair, it's hot and fuzzy). I like my piercings to be divisible by three, which isn't the case at the moment, so I need one more. However, I just can't decide what to get so I'm going to write a really boring post about my indecision.

An industrial would be AWESOME, but I can't be arsed to heal it. Not only that, but my ear isn't quite right for it anyway as it's got a sticky-out bit where the centre of the industrial would sit. Migration would be a definite thing. This would piss me off, as I hate retiring piercings. Bollocks.

Daiths are nice enough, but it would annoy the fuck out of me if it didn't line up perfectly central to the two conch piercings. Dem balls are fiddly as well, they will fall to the bathroom floor and get lost under the bath when I try to put the wee bastards on, because that is what they do. Then I may cry.

There's also a helix punch at maybe 6-8mm, but no-one does them round here and I'm not sure I want a big hole at the top of my ear when I'm 60.  :( I do, however, have some very nice 8mm glass pieces that'll look nice up there. Hmmmm ...

And then there's the tragus -- a tragus would also be pretty cool, but then I'd feel compelled to have one on the other side, which would ruin my divisible by three thing, unless I have EVERYTHING done.

Fuck it, can't decide, might have everything done. ALL THE PIERCINGS!