Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Softly Softly Catchy Mousey

Mice. They're cute but bastards, chewing through my electricity cables and shitting everywhere. Just look at what they did to the wall behind the fridge (pic on the right). They came in through the airbrick and nibbled their way through what looks like layers of Tescos bags and Jeff Banks wallpaper, which would usually lead to a rant about lazy decorators, but I can't be arsed. Does need redecorating, though, that wallpapers gotta be 20 years old.

We had mice downstairs (Jerry Jingles and family) and some upstairs too (Kevin and family). Jerry Jingles' lot liked coffee and would nibble through that, and Kevin's lot had quite a fondness for painkillers and would regularly make a beeline to all the tasty medication. They had to go, but humanely.

We tried some of those humane mouse-traps you get at B&Q but they mice were too clever for them, they'd nick the bait and leg it from the trap. So we built a thing (pictured left) using an a couple of old paper-towel cardboard roll, some newspaper and a bin. Bait was inserted into the cardboard roll, which was then carefully balanced on one of the worktops Jerry Jingles' lot like to hang out on. A big bin with smooth sides, demi-filled with newspaper, was placed under the roll -- the idea being that Jerry Jingles and co would go down the tube for a tasty snack, then fall in the bin, with the slippery sides preventing them from climbing out.

We set the trap and went off, and returned to find a Jerry Jingles (that's him on the right) in the bin :D Yay! Next step was removing the little gits from the house-- they have to be dumped at least a mile away otherwise they'll find their way home. We transferred them into a container (don't forget to line with old newspaper and put in some airholes), found a safe spot in some woods and left them there, hoping that they wouldn't bump into Mr Owl. Within a couple of weeks, and several trips to the woods later, we were mouse-free \o/ We even managed to lure Kevin away from the tasty drugs!

Hope they're OK in the woods, they annoyed me thoroughly but I still feel horrible about leaving them to fend for themselves in the woods :'(

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Frozenfire's Gorgeous Glass

Had some yummy mail t'other week in the form of some glass plugs made by the lovely Frozenfire :)

I got a pair of these peacock and white on cobalt lattacino coil plugs from Frozenfire several years ago in 8mm (pictured left, at the top), and never got round to getting a bigger pair. That it, until I was randomly browsing Etsy and found another pair in my size -- it was like it was meant to be. I quickly snagged them, did an excited little dance, and then started the horrible process of waiting for a package to get here from the States. It only took about 10 days and now they're here, in my ears where they should be.

Absolutely love these plugs, they're not only stunning gorgeous but are wonderfully comfortable as well. They are a tiny bit heavy due to the glass (I generally like them light, as I'm an old fart and am starting to get slightly saggy lobes, despite regular massages) but they're so pretty that it's a trade-off I will happily accept. Will definitely be getting more, and soon.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Got stressed, made stuff, opened an Etsy shop

Not been coping with the stress of bastards very well recently :( I usually make plugs to chill out a bit but they weren't doing it for me for a bit as I was overworked and burning the candle at both ends. It's quietened down now and the job from hell has finished now, so it's all good again. Touch wood.

Anyway, I used to make clay things, rocks and Garden Jedis (pictured below, right) to destress before I made plugs, but the weather was too rubbish to make the Garden Jedis :( Polymer clay doesn't care about weather, so that came out and I made some swirly ear hangies. Made quite a lot of them, in fact, kept quite a lot of those, and am selling the rest on Etsy.

The Big Stompy Bootique Etsy Shop can be found here -- have a look through if you have stretched ears and fancy some swirly ear hangies to wear in through your eyelets :) I'll also be putting some other things on there at some point, like other jewellery and Garden Jedis, maybe some vintage 80s clothing, once I've got rid of the urge to make swirly things while watching the telly.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Broke My Toe, Sulking

Recently, I decided to hang up my high heels, due to concerns over breaking my ankles or something. I'm not very good on high heels anymore, used to be shit-hot but then I married someone with short-man-syndrome and the stillettos had to go :( Rekindled my relationship with them after I got rid of the shortie, but it wasn't the same, as my ankle always hurt (war wound) and they seemed wobbly. Unsturdy. Maybe a bit scary; it was always a bit tense going out in them as I was always worried about the heel coming off or falling over, with some git quipping, "have a nice trip?". Yes, fuck off.

Anyway, heels were retired and boxed up, ready for eBay, when I tripped over a boot. Not a heeled boot, mind, but the flattest one I had, like the one in the piccie. A shite boot. Landed on my toe, it made an unpleasant noise and now I can't walk properly. So I'm sulking and blogging about it, cos I can't do a lot else at the moment :( Isn't irony fun?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

8mm Glass Plugs For Sale, One Careful Owner

Right, I'm selling these off as they're way too small for me and I'm not stretching me secondaries up to 8mm. Not having a helix punch either, so they've got to go :(

They're all 8mm / 0g pyrex glass -- some of them are double flared, the rest of them are single flared with no o-rings included. They've been cleaned thoroughly (not autoclaved, though you can autoclave these) and haven't been worn for absolutely years, they've just been sitting in a drawer with a look of abandonment and dejection on their beautiful little faces :'(

Let's go through them, shall we?

1). 8mm / 0g blue dichroic glass plugs PAIR:
Unknown maker. Double flared with black flat backs, and a wearable of ~7mm.  
£7.50 excluding shipping.

2). 8mm / 0g black colourfront glass plugs PAIR.
Glasswear Studios. Single flared (o-rings not included) with clear domed backs, and a wearable of ~10.5mm. One of the colourfronts has a mark and a couple of scratches on the front, easily fixed with a spot of black nail polish.  
£6 excluding shipping.

3). 8mm / 0g black and white 'feather' glass plugs PAIR.
Unknown maker. Double flared with same pattern on the flat backs, and a wearable of ~9mm.  
£7.50 excluding shipping.

4). 8mm / 0g baby blue colourfront glass plugs PAIR.  
Glasswear Studios. Single flared (o-rings not included with clear domed backs, and a wearable of ~12mm. 
£7.50 excluding shipping.

5). 8mm / 0g pink and diamond galaxy glass plugs PAIR.
Glasswear Studios. Double flared with black flat backs, and a wearable of ~8mm.  
£11 excluding shipping.

6). 8mm / 0g peacock and white lattacino coils on cobalt glass plugs PAIR.
Frozenfire. Single flared (no o-rings included) with cobalt domed backs and a wearable of ~10mm.  
£11 excluding shipping.

7). 8mm / 0g purple / green dichroic glass plugs PAIR.
Unknown maker. Double flared with silver dichro domed backs, and a wearable of ~8mm.  
£10 excluding shipping.

8). 8mm / 0g embossed star on clear glass plugs PAIR.
Unknown maker. Double flared with clear slightly pointy backs, and a wearable of  ~10mm.  
£7.50 excluding shipping.

Fancy buying some of these or want some better pictures? Send us an email to plugs (at), and I'll get you sorted :) Shipping is £2 UK, £4 Rest of the World, and I will combine shipping on these if you wanted more than one pair :)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Private Henry Heskins, You've Not Been Forgotten

A few years ago, we were decorating the house and admiring the Victorian quirks that are prevalent throughout -- y'know, wonky walls and doorways, lath and plaster ceilings, big skirting boards. We started wondering about who lived there just after it was built 100 years ago, what they did, how they lived, and who were they? 

Whilst looking at house prices, we asked the internet about the house and the internet provided answers, many from the Herts At War website and Genes Reunited. They were sad answers, though, as we found that a family called Heskins lived here. Dad died in 1901, aged 28, leaving Mrs Heskins and her son Henry, who would have been a toddler at the time. Henry grew up went on to go to the trenches of World War One, where he died aged 19 -- the same age as my son at the time. 

I tried to imagine sending my son off to the trenches, and it filled me with a whole metric tonne of mummysad. I get a bit teary thinking of it now. Poor Mrs Heskins, she must have been beside herself with worry :(

So, anyway, I like to remember the Heskins, especially today as it's the centenary of World War One. I feel a bit maternal towards young Henry for some reason, and tremendously sad at the terrible waste of life -- not only young Henry,  but the rest of the poor lads who went. They probably went off to war with their mates out of a sense of duty, and for the adventure, babes, glory and camaraderie, like you do when you're young. Instead they had to face up to the reality of unimaginable horror, violence and death.

I will visit his grave in Calais one day (pictured above, credit: It just seems right. 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fuzzy Clock Has Stolen My Ability To Tell The Time Properly

Fuzzy clocks are brilliant, have got them on my phone, as a clock-radio, time piece in the front room, even on my computer, basically everywhere I can put them. Office, studio, they all have their own fuzzy clock. This is how it has worked for years, and it was glorious, until I looked at an analogue watch today and had to take a minute suss out how to read the fucking time, old-school.


This is what age does to you, it steals your skills and replaces them with grey hairs, hot flushes and a yearning to start growing vegetables.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

NOTD: OPI Suede Russian Navy with OPI Last Friday Night

One of the problems with my jobs is I either can't wear nail polish, or I can but it gets trashed within five minutes due to the nature of the work :( Why I picked OPI Suede Russian Navy is beyond me, because it has started to chip like crazy. Put it on, have a sip of tea, chip yer polish. Great.

Fixed the chipping problem slightly by putting some OPI Last Friday Night glittery polish over the top -- lovely one is this one, blue and orange glitters with a blue shimmer. Looked good over Russian Navy but ultimately wasn't enough to stop the chipping, as I lost some bits making a cup of coffee. So I later fixed it up and chucked some cheap and cheerful UV topcoat over the top which normally sorts these sort of problems out. However, it was an excercise in failure, as a bit has cheerfully chipped off whilst typing this post.


I don't remember Russian Navy being this bad for chipping but it has been some time since I last wore it and the formula may have gone a bit funny. Damn shame if it has, it's a lovely polish.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lippie Test: Collection 2000 Ruby Red

My Collection 2000 Ruby Red lipstick has been sitting in the make-up box for ages, unloved and unworn (this is the lovely matte MAC Ruby Woo's fault, I wear it most of the time). However, today I didn't fancy matte, I wanted shiny and luscious and the Ruby Red seemed to fit the bill well.

Started off with a base of MAC Prep and Prime (you can get this from MAC, I got mine from Debenhams) and lined with some cheap and cheerful Collection 2000 lipliner in Brick Red. Applied the Ruby Red with a brush and found it went on smoothly and easily. It felt a bit smeary and smudgy, but looked good and I felt pretty confident that the Prep and Prime would grip it. It did, and remarkably well, last time I wore this lipstick I wore no base with it and it went everywhere after a cup of coffee -- teeth, bit on the upper lid, etc. I had to wipe it all off in the end (which wasn't a real effort, came off easy) and that's when it got relegated to the make-up box to gather dust.

Back to the testing! The top of the right picture shows Ruby Red just after application at 11AM.

Second picture is after a large cappuccino for lunch at one o'clock, there was a bit of lippie-to-cup transfer but the Prep and Prime kept most of it on and I didn't need to reapply \o/

Third picture is after four hours of getting annoyed with people and constantly puffing away on my e-cig. Again, there wasn't much lippie-to-ecig transfer and it all looked decent enough, but it was pushing its luck. Bits were starting to fade in the corners and the colour wasn't as bold -- it definitely wouldn't survive the bag of crisps I'd just got. This is where I felt it needed reapplying and is where our test ends.

Have to say that I'm impressed with the Prep and Prime with the cheap and cheerful Ruby Red, the lippie lasted six-odd hours throughout the various stresses of the day and the primer proved itself to be well worth the £13. Get some, innnit.