Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Frozenfire's Gorgeous Glass

Had some yummy mail t'other week in the form of some glass plugs made by the lovely Frozenfire :)

I got a pair of these peacock and white on cobalt lattacino coil plugs from Frozenfire several years ago in 8mm (pictured left, at the top), and never got round to getting a bigger pair. That it, until I was randomly browsing Etsy and found another pair in my size -- it was like it was meant to be. I quickly snagged them, did an excited little dance, and then started the horrible process of waiting for a package to get here from the States. It only took about 10 days and now they're here, in my ears where they should be.

Absolutely love these plugs, they're not only stunning gorgeous but are wonderfully comfortable as well. They are a tiny bit heavy due to the glass (I generally like them light, as I'm an old fart and am starting to get slightly saggy lobes, despite regular massages) but they're so pretty that it's a trade-off I will happily accept. Will definitely be getting more, and soon.